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Southern Dallas County Inland Port Transportation Management Association


MEmber benefits

The Southern Dallas Inland Port Transportation Management Association (TMA) is a membership organization formed by employers, developers, building owners, local governments to collectively address local transportation issues. Your membership dues will help support the coordination of various transportation activities in the Southern Dallas Inland Port. Examples might include:

  • Contract for Shuttle Services
  • Transit Pass Subsidy or Voucher Programs
  • Sponsor Rideshare Matching Services
  • Sponsor Vanpool Programs
  • Guaranteed or Emergency Ride Home Programs
  • Transportation Advocate
  • Employee Transportation Coordinator (ETC) Training
  • Promotional Programs and Incentives for Alternative Modes
  • Conduct Employer Surveys
  • Member Newsletters and Educational Forums


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Each “class” of membership (other than members contributing $5,000 or more a year) will have one representative on the TMA Board determined by vote of members within the class, as of October 1, 2019, and each third anniversary thereafter. That representative will have one vote and represent the class. There are 8 such classes above. 

Annual members contributing $5,000 or more a year will have a board representative and one vote on the board.  There are 5 such classes above.